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Our Idea Angels

To become an Idea Angel means that are you are willing to let your idea, your invention or perhaps you're half or fully developed business plan grow into a full-fledged business or product.

Not everyone has the time, ambition, interest or financial resources to build it up from scratch. Incorporated Angels does this for you.

If your idea can be at the base of new company to then YOU can acquire shares therein.

Write your idea down into one sentence or a whole book, the choice is yours, we evaluate it with interest!

Do not let good ideas slip away.

Our Intelligence Angels

To become an Intelligence Angel means that you are willing to help with the start-up tasks of a new professional company based on your previous experiences.

As a result you can acquire shares therein.

Whether you are a student with entrepreneurial ambition, you want an additional challenge alongside your current job or you are over 50, have tons of experience and want to share this knowledge, do not hesitate and register.

Incorporated Angels is looking for your skills in all possible fields of expertise.

Register your skills, let us know which projects you are interested in and the amount of time you are able to spend on them.

Currently 112 Ideas Posted

Currently 159 Registered Angels